• Preston North End Sportmans' Dinner 2009

    October 2012

  • The Entertainment Team: Jan Molby, Mike King, Mike Farrell

    Sportmans Dinner PNE FPA
  • Brian Greenhalgh

    Sportmans Dinner PNE FPA 2
  • Jan Molby and Graeme Atkinson

    Sportmans Dinner PNE FPA 3
  • Mini Reunion Table: Graham Rowlands, Stuart Cameron, Duncan Crosbie, Harry Sandells, Nigel Greenwood, Damian Williams

    Sportmans Dinner PNE FPA 4
  • Although we may have passed our peak, attendance wise, the event itself goes from strength to strength.

    Deepdale's Invincibles Lounge hosted 250 patrons, over 50 being our members, and it seemed that the room was "more comfortable" with less people in attendance.

    Comments have been made to us (the committee), about the entertainment team, the food, the waitress service and the overall sportsman's dinner package. All the comments received have been positive, so much so that some members have even pre-booked their places/tables for next year already! That must surely mean that we are doing something right. Invited guests on the night included Alex Elder (Burnley), Alex Stepney (Man Utd) & Fred Eyre (Man City).

  • Jan Molby, our guest speaker, held an appreciative audience captive throughout his thirty minute spot, recollecting his time with Johann Cruyff at Ajax, and his memories of his stay at Liverpool. Our guest comedian, the dour Yorkshireman, Mike Farrell, back by popular demand, was excellent and his type of humour always goes down well with Preston folk.

    The evening was, once again, well compered by Mike King. Our thanks go to all who attended and those involved in its success.