• Preston North End Sportsmans DInner 2010

    October 2010

  • Despite being our 13th Annual Sportsman's Dinner, nothing untoward happened, in fact we are proud to announce that we organized yet another successful event.

    Held in the Invincibles Lounge, at Deepdale, for the second year running, the attendance numbered 303, which was a new record for that particular lounge. No less than 30 tables, adorned in blue and white linen, filled the room comfortably.

    Former players, all members of the Association, from the 1940's-1990's, travelled from all around the local area, and beyond, to attend the annual dinner. Our eldest member attending was Bert Turner, who actually played alongside Bill Shankly during the wartime period. In contrast, the youngest member attending, Lee Ashcroft, manager of Kendal Town, even missed a training session with his club to be with us.

    A number of members attending their first, but probably not their last, dinner including Dave Will, Charlie Lea, Gerry Stewart and Ernie Hannigan who lives in Perth, Australia. Former international footballers were in attendance too, including Tommy Thompson (England), Frank O'Farrell (Eire) and Pete Sayer (Wales), whilst two invited guests were Bryan Douglas (Blackburn Rovers & England) and Brian Pilkington (Burnley & England).

  • The comradeship shone through as former teammates met up again, some for the first time in decades!