• Preston North End 1911 Census

With the results of the 1911 Census being readily available to read, I wondered just where about the North End squad of footballers would have lived back then. It was quite revealing as most of them lived locally, within walking distance of the ground, most probably in ‘digs’ found for them by the Club. Robertson and Johnston lived at the house owned by Bob Holmes, one of North End’s “Old Invincibles”. John Hall lodged with North End trainer, Joseph Clayton. Defender and captain, Eddie Holdsworth was visiting his parent’s house on the eve of the Census, in Halifax.

Peter McBride Goalkeeper 1 Penguin Street, Deepdale, Preston.

Herbert Taylor Goalkeeper 34 Holmrook Road, Deepdale, Preston.

Charlie McFadyen Full-back 132 Kent Street, Preston.

Tommy Rodway Full-back 46 Holmrook Road, Deepdale, Preston.

Fred Broadhurst Full-back The Hollies, Haigh, Wigan.

Jack English Full-back 14 St.Stephens Road, Deepdale, Preston.

Eddie Holdsworth Defender 3 Penn Street, Halifax

William Lyon Wing-half 20 Rook Street, Deepdale, Preston.

James McLean Wing-half 1 Alma Street, Preston

William Wareing Wing-half 133, Heysham Road, Southport

Joe McCall Centre-half 7 Fylde Street, Kirkham.

John W Thompson Right-winger 14 St.Stephens Road, Deepdale, Preston.

John Hall Right-winger 34 East View, Deepdale, Preston.

Jimmy Bannister Inside-forward 10 Union Street, Leyland.

Arthur Mounteney Forward 48 Elcho Street, Preston.

William E Spence Forward 83 Holmrook Road, Deepdale, Preston.

Arthur Winterhalder Left-winger 378 St.Georges Road, Deepdale, Preston

Herbert Danson Left-winger 9 Knowles Street, Preston

David Galbraith Winger 11 Kingfisher Street, Deepdale, Preston.

Lauchlan McLean Inside-forward 11 Kingfisher Street, Deepdale, Preston

William Robertson Winger 266 Deepdale Road, Deepdale, Preston.

James Johnston Wing-half 266 Deepdale Road, Deepdale, Preston.

  • Ian Rigby PNE Official Historian